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ExTREME FANTASY FOOTBALL is different than other traditional leagues.  You get to select players to play each and every week. You can pick any player (or team) that you want, but you can only select them twice during the regular season!  


Each week you select (1) Quarterback, (2) Running Backs, (2) Wide Receivers, (1) Tight End, (1) Kicker, (1) Offensive Team, and (1) Defensive Team.  Again, you can pick any player or team that you want, but you can only use them twice during the regular season.  


We have three different leagues ($25, $50, and $100 entry fees), and you can enter as many of these as you want.  You can also have multiple teams within the leagues. Again, this is something that you can’t do in traditional leagues. Besides the year end payouts for each league, we also offer $10 of bonus money each week ($5 for highest weekly score, $3 for second highest, and $2 for the third highest weekly score).  New for 2021, is a weekly challenge.  This is completely optional and cost $2 per week.  Every team in all three leagues are eligible to enter.  It is simple...the highest score wins $1.50 x (number of teams in the weekly challenge).  


At the end of the season, the top four teams from each of the leagues will advance to the league playoffs.  After week one in the playoffs, the winning two teams from each league play for the league championship.   


Your team is ranked against every team in your league.  The highest scoring team receives the most wins all the way through the other teams where the lowest scoring team receive zero wins.  Playing against a single opponent is just so traditional and boring!

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