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Week #2

Week two is in the books and Wow…is about all I can say. The injury bug is feasting this year. I won’t bore you with the names of some very key players. I can imagine the waiver wires on traditional leagues are burning up. Alas, we can rest peacefully here at EFFL. Long-term injuries don’t affect us.

With that lets look at some highlights for week two. Who do you think was the highest scoring QB this week? Before you answer, I ONLY count QBs that were used by at least one team in the EFFL. So…which QB scored the most…

Daniel Jones with 53.0 points! He was used by one team! Great call.

Josh Allen (46.1) and Justin Herbert (44.5) complete the top three QB scorers. Also, maybe a little shocking was that Justin Fields was the most used QB of the week with 17 teams choosing him. The next two most used QBs were Josh Allen (12) and Patrick Mahomes (11). Through two weeks, Justin Fields has been the starting QB 21 times which is leading all QBs.

Switching to RBs; D’Andre Swift cranked out 66.3 points followed by rookie Bijan Robinson (57.3) and James Cook (53.0), to round out the top three. Christian McCaffrey led the way with 22 starts while Bijan Robinson was second with 20, and Nick Chubb was third with 17. Through two weeks, Bijan Robinson is topping the list with 34 starts, Christian McCaffrey with 29, and Nick Chubb follows at 24.

On to the WRs; Mike Evans put in a solid performance with 63 points. Justin Jefferson posted a 50.0 for the second straight week, and DeVonta Smith followed closely with 49.7. Maybe a little surprising, is Amon-Ra St Brown was used by 30 teams to easily pace as the most used. Stefon Diggs (23) and Tyreek Hill (12) finish the top 3. For the year so far, Amon-Ra St Brown has started 36 times, Justin Jefferson (35) and Tyreek Hill (34) finish the top trio.

The TEs had a better collective week this week than week 1. T.J. Hockenson paced the group with (34.0), followed by Darren Waller (25.3) and Hunter Henry (23.3). Travis Kelce was the most often started with 10, George Kittle was second with 9, and Darren Waller was third with 7. Through the first two weeks, T.J. Hockenson is the most used TE with 24 total selections, Dallas Goedert is second with 13, and Darren Waller and Evan Engram are tied with 11.

Jumping to the Ks group, we see that Jake Moody scored 15 points, followed by Younghoe Koo (14) and then a four-way tie for third at 12. Harrison Butker (11), Jake Moody (10), and Justin Tucker (9) finalize the top three most used TEs. For the season so far, Justin Tucker is way out in front with 34 starts, Jake Moody and Harrison Butker are a distant 13, and Evan McPherson is at 11.

Offensive team-wise, the Buffalo Bills charged ahead with 50 points, the Philadelphia Eagles were second with 40, and the New York Giants were third with 34.9. The Detroit Lions were the most used with 14 starts, while the Philadelphia Eagles (12) and Kansas City Chiefs (9) finish the top three. For the year so far, the Baltimore Ravens lead with 20 overall starts, the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles are tied with 18, and the Los Angeles Chargers are third with 15.

Defensively, the Dallas Cowboys scored 34 points to pace the DEFs, the Buffalo Bills were second with 30, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were third with 27. The Dallas Cowboys were selected by 23 teams, followed by the San Francisco 49ers with 8, and the Buffalo Bills with 6. Through the first two weeks, the Dallas Cowboys lead the group with 24 starts, the Washington Commanders next with 22, and the Baltimore Ravens are third with 20.

Overall scoring leaders by position through two weeks.
QB – Tua Tagovailoa – 87.3
RB – Christian McCaffrey – 113.3
WR – Tyreek Hill – 103.0
TE – TJ Hockenson – 45.7
K – Jake Elliott – 33.0
OFF – Miami Dolphins – 70.5
DEF – Dallas Cowboys – 103.0

Moving over to the EFFL teams quickly…show that Ethan’s Mountain Express was number one for the week in the $25 league with 312.8 points. The $50 league was topped with ZelmaZigZags with 336.1 and the high scorer for the $100 league, RockRangeRolls with 306.8. All of these weekly leaders are owned by the same person, James Ranger! Impressive James!!

The overall standings leaders in wins through the first two weeks:
$25 League: Ethan’s Mountain Express (65)
$50 League: ZelmaZigZags (36)
$100 League: Beetle’s Boobmen (17).

Lets hope the injury bug chills out a little going forward! Good luck in week three!

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